Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What's the Rockin' Difference?

It's the holiday season, and your friend just gave you a coupon to a massage franchise. Enjoy it! But remember... we give you what massage franchises cannot.

Quality based on Caring.

First and foremost, we care about your well-being. This caring drives everything we do, from the time we take to understand your needs, to the attention we show you during your massage. Our caring leads to a "quality of touch" that you will surely recognize. And we also care about our self! We take time to rest, eat, take a break, exercise, and to continue learning about health and massage. Can you say the same for the therapists at the franchise?

60 Minutes Make One Hour.

When you go to a massage franchise, your "hour" is really only 50 minutes, at best. Your therapist will cut that further if your intake includes actually listening to your needs. And considering that your therapist has about 10 minutes between rigidly scheduled appointments, you can expect the hour to be further reduced as they change the sheets, or spend time trying to sell you on a contract or some other product.

We advertise a 60 (or 90 or 120) minute massage, and that's what you get in hands-on time. We set aside time for you before and after the massage for intake and post-processing, not to mention our own time for clean-up and changing. We understand that every client has different needs, and we make time to discuss your unique history and goals for the massage. We understand how important it is to listen, and that's especially important in this age of rushed healthcare.

No Contracts.

You decide when you come in, and how often. We'll never pressure you to sign a contract or to come in at fixed times for a year. If we think you would benefit from a series of massages, we will make a recommendation in the interest of your well-being. But we won't pressure you and we won't charge you a monthly fee, use it or lose it. You're always in charge of your schedule.  

No Surprises.

When you sign a contract with a massage franchise, you can't be sure who your therapist will be from one appointment to the next. You may find a therapist you like, and the next time you show up they've moved on. When you're rockin' with us, you'll always know your therapist. If anything changes, we'll be sure to let you know, and you'll always have the option to schedule with your preferred therapist.

Our Commitment.

Our commitment to you is to always put your needs and well-being first. We'll never pressure you, sell you products you don't need, or make claims outside of our scope of practice or experience. We believe that you'll recognize our caring, the quality it creates, and the positive therapeutic experience that results from this quality. We expect to earn your trust by maintaining this quality and our caring. 

We know you have choices, and we're honored that you have chosen Rockin' Good Health LLC. We know that we offer what no franchise can. Our independence is what lets us put you first, and we're grateful for the opportunity to serve.

So enjoy that franchise massage coupon, and take note of everything you experience there. We're sure you'll see the Rockin' difference!